The Sullivan Group is dedicated to medical error and risk reduction in emergency medicine. Emergency Practitioners have come under intense scrutiny related to medical errors and related patient injury. The medical malpractice insurance marketplace is changing dramatically. Many practitioners are unable to obtain malpractice insurance.

We must take identifiable risk out of the practice of emergency medicine. The TSG web based training courses are focused on improved quality of care, and decreasing medical errors and risk.

Risk Management: Core Curriculum 1: Medical Error and Risk Reduction Courses
This is the most complete and detailed look into emergency medical errors and medical decision making ever undertaken. It is based upon hundreds of hours of medical and legal research. This web-based instruction is an outstanding opportunity to standardize risk education for your emergency medical practitioners.

TSG currently offers 40 courses in the Core Curriculum for both physicians and nurses. Physicians receive two Category 1 CME credits per course. The Nursing Core Curriculum provides varying amounts of Contact credit based upon the length of the course. The courses vary between one and two hours per course.

Risk Management: Core Curriculum 2: Medical Malpractice Case Review
These programs present actual medical malpractice cases and are considered an adjunct to the Core 1 programs. TSG strongly recommends that you take the Core 1 Courses prior to beginning Core 2. The courses are interactive and present actual medical records either from litigation or actions adverse to physician, allied health and nursing practitioners. Each course includes a malpractice case, a case overview, discussion relating the particular high-risk area, documentation guidelines, and risk management recommendations. The courses provide two hours of CME credit.
EMTALA Compliance Course for HCI Client Hospital Administrative Leadership
TSG designed this course specifically for Hospital Administrative Leaders. The course references all of the latest EMTALA related updates. E-Learning is the only way to stay current with EMTALA.

The course provides an overview of the statute and regulations, and applies them in multiple case scenarios. This is an interesting and enjoyable way to learn about this critical medical legal issue.

EMTALA Compliance Course for HCI On-Call Physicians
Physicians taking call for emergency departments must be aware of their EMTALA obligations and potential exposure to liability. This course teaches the on-call physician the basics about federal EMTALA law and regulations including: responding to the emergency department; screening and stabilization; patient transfers; and how to comply with the law and avoid exposure to liability.
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